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Before you begin, remember to research the course(s) you desire to study, taking particular note of the course title and code, as well as pre-selecting any applicable unit sets (majors or minors) for your chosen course(s). Also, please take note of the mode of study (i.e. off or on campus) and any entry requirements for the chosen course.
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  • You are a former Avondale student who has completed one course and wants to study another course at Avondale.
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  • You are a current Avondale student and you want to enrol in units for next semester.
  • You are an Avondale student returning from officially approved intermission (leave).
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You can only re-enrol online through Student Connect during the re-enrolment periods announced by the Academic Office. If you wish to re-enrol outside of these times, please see your Course Coordinator. If you have forgotten your Student Connect login details, please contact the Callista support team on + 61 2 4980 2246 or callista.support@avondale.edu.au for help.

For any further assistance, please contact the Avondale Admissions either on 02 4980 2377 or 1800 991 392 or visit us on the