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Before you begin, remember to research the course(s) you desire to study, taking particular note of the course title and code, as well as pre-selecting any applicable unit sets (majors or minors) for your chosen course(s). Also, please take note of the mode of study (i.e. off or on campus) and any entry requirements for the chosen course.
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  • You are applying to study at Avondale for the first time; OR
  • Former Avondale students who have completed one course and wish to study another course please apply here.
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You can review or edit your application at any point in time prior to the submission of your application.

Please DO NOT upload New Documentation after submission of your application. Please email them to admissions@avondale.edu.au.
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You must have received a course offer letter from Admissions to proceed. Once you have accepted your offer you are considered a 'Student to Avondale' and will be provided with access to systems such as Student Connect. You MUST have accepted your Course Offer before you can enrol in your units.
Enrol in your Units through Student Connect:

New Students - Once you have accepted your offer you can enrol in your units.

Current/Returning - You can only re-enrol online through Student Connect during the re-enrolment periods announced by the Academic Office. If you wish to re-enrol outside of these times, please see your Course Convenor.

A downloadable Student Connect Enrolment Guide is available here.

If you have forgotten your login details or need assistance, please contact the Callista support team on +61 2 4980 2246 or callista.support@avondale.edu.au for help.